Android – Marble Demo.

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Marble Demo.
Procedural mini-game where we have to drive our marble ball trying to avoid the obstacles.



Krystals DS. Final version.


Final version of Krystals DS, recompiled with lastest versions of nflib and devkitPro.



NFLIB. New version available.

NightFox's Lib


New release of nflib that improves compatibility with devkitArm r42.





Android. PhysX Tech Demo.

Good night!
Today we start our section of Android games and demos.

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NVIDIA PhysX tech demo. Move your device to change the gravity direction or touch the cubes to make them bounce.



Catch that Human.

This game has been developed in 48h to participate in the Global Game Jam 2014.
The argument is simple. Evolution could have gone another way … And he did … We are a cat addicted to milk. It is our most precious treasure, but that human always try to rob us. Fortunately, we have available the best defense, The slap-o-matic, which will discourage this human of its purposes.

CatchThatHuman_42_27923    CatchThatHuman_35_27900


The game is so simple that even a cat could play. Just keeps your milk bricks safe with our defense mechanism.

CatchThatHuman_51_27952    CatchThatHuman_10_28014


The link to download the game:
Catch that human – Game

And the source code:
Catch that human – Source


Hope you all enjoy this game!



Game play video:




Unity 3D. Example about player, enemies and patrol (simple) control.

As title says…


See you!

Krystals DS. 3rd place on NeoCompo 2013.

Yesterday NeoCompo 2013 results was anounced..


The final result of NEO Retro Coding Compo 2013

Here are the top 3 for the GAMEs division and APPs division of this compo, have 27 entries totally,not bad still. This compo have many high quality projects and difficult to judge,so we have to set three #3 winners for the game division.

The Game division, total 20 entries   Author
No.1   [NDS] Aperture Science DS   by smealum   US$500
No.2   [NDS] Fuzed   by relminator   US$300
No.3   [Playstation 1] Yopaz IceStar   by Orion_   US$200
No.3   [GBA] WaimanuGBA – Grinding Blocks Adventure   by sverx   US$200
No.3   [NDS] Krystals DS   by NightFox   US$200

The all GAMEs package download:

The App division, total 11 entries   Author
No.1   [N64] GNUBOY64:GB&GBC emulator for the N64 ( Opensource Gnuboy-x86 hackport )    by Conle   US$500
No.2   [SNES] PVSneslib   by alekmaul   US$300
No.3   [GBA] MOD Player for GBA – VMP   by Verme   US$200

The all GAMEs package download:

To celebrate the 3rd place, we release the Release Candidate version of the game.
Can download it from official page.


Krystals DS. Version 20130829 Beta.

New release with sparkles effect on gems.
You can download it from this link.



Krystals DS. Testing sparkles effect.

With the game core ready, it’s time to make it more beautiful:

First steep, add the sparkles effect.


Krystals DS. Version 20130823 Beta.

New version with the following changes:

* Totaly rewrited all routines of gem elimination. This will bugfix some extrange cases and improve stability.

The download from this link.


Best regards!


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